This nonimmigrant visa category applies to individuals involved with businesses that are engaged in trade between the United States and a foreign state, or that represent a major investment in the United States. These individuals should pursue an E visa in order to remain in the United States for extended periods of time to oversee or run business operations here.

The E visa category was created to reciprocate similar visa categories of foreign countries with which the United States has trade treaties. Thus, a treaty that allows nonimmigrant entries by U.S. citizens must exist in a given foreign state in order for a citizen of that country to be eligible for the E visa.

There are two types of E visas. The E-1 visa permits an individual to conduct trade between the U.S. and the country of majority ownership of the company, while the E-2 allows the individual to oversee investments in the United States.

The E visa can be used by companies small and large, and can apply to a company’s principals or its employees, though there are additional rules and regulations concerning the functions an individual must perform in order to eligible for an E visa.