There are several ways in which an individual may qualify for a “green card,” the document showing lawful permanent residence. The process by which an individual becomes a lawful permanent resident is called adjustment of status. Here are some answers to some of the basic questions you may have:

What is a lawful permanent resident (LPR)?

An LPR is an individual who is authorized to remain permanently in the U.S. LPRs can work in the U.S., is fully protected under U.S. laws, and can travel internationally. However, LPRs are not eligible to vote and can lose their status if they commit certain crimes or leave the U.S. for a long period. For complete information on the rights and exceptions given to LPRs, visit the USCIS LPR page.

How can I obtain LPR status?

In order to apply for LPR status you must have a basis of adjustment. This basis can be an immigrant petition, approved asylum status, or one of several other USCIS categories, including the diversity lottery and provisions for special immigrants. Our firm’s experience in adjustment cases includes (but is not limited to) the bases of adjustment listed to the left.

Cautions about applying for immigration benefits

We are delighted to help our clients apply for and obtain permanent residence and other benefits for which they qualify.  However, applying for any immigration benefit invites government scrutiny.   It is extremely important that you discuss the following with an attorney:  how you entered the United States, whether you have ever been ordered removed (deported), and whether you have been charged with or convicted of any crime.

While my application is pending, can I travel and work?

In most cases applicants for adjustment of status are permitted to work legally in the U.S. and travel abroad (with some restrictions) while their application is pending.

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